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Name: Libby 
Age: 17
AIM/MSN/ETC Screen Name: for MSN, libby.keir for Skype
NaNoWriMo Username: Random_Lights
Years Participating in NaNo: '09, '10, '11, '12
How Many Have You Won: None :'(
Location: England 
Story Idea For This Year: It's a fusion fanfiction between Hetalia and The Matrix. It's kind of crazy ^^;
Title: China Birds
Genre: Sci-fiction, Apocalypse
How do you write: With Microsoft Word :D
Favorite Book/Author: Many many. Tolkien, GRRM, Margaret Atwood, Rowling
Friending Policies/Whats In Your Journal: There's nothing much in my journal, but I accept friend requests from anyone!
IMing policies: Feel free to IM me, we can have word wars! Just please tell me who you are and that you're contacting me off Wrimobuddies, because I reject people I don't know usually
Other: Currently far behind on word count, word wars would be awesome!!


Name: Quinn
Age: 29
AIM/MSN/ETC Screen Name: typewrittengirl on AIM
NaNoWriMo Username: selfcallednowhere
Years Participating in NaNo: 6 years of regular NaNo, 1 year of Camp NaNo
How Many Have You Won: 4
Location: Seattle
Story Idea For This Year: In 1888 London, 17-year-old Victoria Magenta is in love. Unfortunately, the object of her affection is the upstart challenger to her titan-of-industry father, who forbids them to see each other. So Victoria goes on the run, with her father's spies hot on her trail.
Title: A Star Fell in the Thames
How do you write (word/pen and paper/etc): Notes on paper, writing on laptop. For other writing projects I often use manual typewriters but I'm hung up on doing constant word count checks during NaNo.
Friending Policies/Whats In Your Journal: Friends-only but I add most people who try to add me. My journal is lots of posts on They Might Be Giants, sex, and random observations on my life. I also having a writing journal, frustratednsad.
IMing policies: If I'm busy writing I don't like to talk but if I don't have an away up feel free to say hi. I'm also often in the chat.
Other: HELLO.
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Well, hello!

Name: Shazi
Age: 19
NaNoWriMo Username: Shaz-a-Fraz
IM: peridotwords
Years Participating in NaNo: This is my sixth year!
How Many Have You Won: Just once in 2008.
Location: Currently Amherst, MA.
Story Idea For This Year:  I'm taking another stab at "mainstream fiction" (I am still so unsure about that genre or calling anything I write applicable to it), and I'm writing a novel centered around a twenty-three year old who has wanted to get her tubes tied since she was seventeen and finally has the opportunity to do so. Of course, it seems as if everyone in her life is completely against her going through with the operation and they all have different reasons. The novel is basically an exploration of young adult life in NYC, family/friend relationships and a bit of commentary on gender norms. I like it so far. 
Title: Mama.
Music: A bunch of stuff from Kendrick Lamar to Howie Day to Tycho to Stars to Minus the Bear to the xx and so on. Sometimes even classical music. Really depends on the mood, I guess.
Favorite Book/Authors: One of my all-time favorite books is What Happened to Lani Garver? by Carol Plum-Ucci, but I also love YA novels such as Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist and the Jessica Darling series and basically anything that reminds me of post-party 3 AM inebriated cab rides through NYC. 
Favorite Writing Beverage/Snack: Anything I can eat and type with, haha! But I love herbal teas, crackers and goat cheese, go-gurt/yogurt in general, and anything that makes me feel classy. 
How do you write (word/pen and paper/etc):  I used to use a small notebook that I walked around with, but now I have a huge laptop. Both get the job done.
Friending Policies/Whats In Your Journal: I love NaNo friends, really I do! I don't really use my NaNo LJ except during NaNo season, but I do use my Tumblr [link] pretty often. And by pretty often, I mean it consumes quite a bit of my daily time. Feel free to friend me on the NaNo site as well! 
IMing policies: I usually use AIM around NaNo time, so you'll find me there, I s'pose. Feel free to drop me a message!
Other: Good luck, everyone~

Intro posts!

Is it too early for intro posts? I don't care. Let's go! I'm ready for NaNo... sort of.

Name: roxie
Age: 25
AIM/MSN/ETC Screen Name: roxierose13 (AIM). I don't use MSN anymore
NaNoWriMo Username: persephoneshell
Years Participating in NaNo: This will be #6
How Many Have You Won: 5!
Location: New Mexico
Story Idea For This Year: Long ago, every human being in the world had an Other Half, their soulmate and destined future. Then humans angered the gods with their unfaithful and slanderous ways. In punishment, the gods removed the Other Halves from the world, only to be restored once the human race learned from their mistakes. Now, humans have created their own rules along with a mandate requiring marriage by the age of twenty. Sequoia Rush is only a few months from her twentieth birthday and she has already been betrothed. Like everyone else, she grew up hearing the myths of Other Halves, but unlike everyone else, she believes the myths aren't just legends. With time running out before her wedding, Sequoia sets off in search of her Other Half, but she must find him before he too marries someone else. It's a dystopian-esque story with hints of mythology, social commentary, and ~mystics.
Title: None yet
How do you write (word/pen and paper/etc): laptop, sometimes in a notebook. all my notes are in a notebook
Friending Policies/Whats In Your Journal: My LJ is open but it's mostly fanfic and original fiction. I spend most of my time on tumblr these days.
IMing policies: I'm always in the NaNo chat if you want to say hey
Other: I just quit my job to become a full-time freelance writer so I'm hoping I won't be too tired of writing by the time NaNo comes around, haha.
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Friendly Advice?

Usually I'm lucky if I get a good idea for November. I happened to luck out this year and had a fantastic novel idea for June.
Sadly, I only made it about seven days in and 11,000 words deep.

Basically, I'm wondering if anyone is doing both months but isn't sure how they're going to do August. I don't know if I should try coming up with something completely new, or try to continue my novel from June. Or just not do August at all and wait until November.
Thanks! :)
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(no subject)

What was your word count for June 14?
What was your word count for June 15?
What was your word count for June 16?
What was your word count for June 17?
What was your word count for June 18?

What is your total word count?

What have your characters surprised you with?

What have you had to research?

What made you pause?

What do you do when you're away from your writing utensils but what to write?