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WriMo Buddies

"As NaNoWriMo participants, we eat the impossible for breakfast."- Chris Baty

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Year-long NaNoWriMo support!


WriMo Buddies was created as a means to, gather those who have joined the National Novel Writing Month challenge and would like to meet and exchange ideas, thoughts, advice and support with each other.

Almost all of us have difficulties becoming and staying motivated enough to complete the challenge of writing a 50,000 word novel in just 1 month - it's a truly daunting task! Here you can meet new friends and make a few WriMo Buddies to exhange mutual support and motivation. Together, we can cross the hurdle and delve into the world of writing!

In this community, you may post entries pertaining to live chat support and writing sessions, those seeking advice, story updates throughout November, and other NaNoWriMo related topics!

Important Things

Please pay special attention to the 'tags' on the right-hand side of the community page - especially the '2011 Mod Post' and 'Chat' tags. Since there are so many members, the entries move very quickly, and important announcements from the administrators may be lost in the chaos before you can view them. Click on those tags at least once a day to check for any updates from the admins!

At wrimobuddies we run on EST (Eastern Standard Time). Now, we know that the world doesn't revolve around EST, so we have included a link to a very handy Time Zone Converter. If you aren't sure exactly what time the scheduled chats will be taking place where you live, please make use of this handy device.

Please remember to post your chat SNs to the Master List only if you don't mind being contacted by fellow members!

Past Years
The AIM Screen Name List/2006
The AIM Screen Name List/2007
The AIM Screen Name List/2008

2009 Friending Meme
(2011 Friending Meme coming in November!)

Your Mods
Nicole :: slightlymore
Sylwia :: unnecessary_
Kat :: beforeskylines
Denise :: awry
Patricia :: rhetoricians
Tasha :: karikos
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